Choose live!

Give your staff a voice

The most successful organisations are those where the core values of the brand are firmly embedded in the culture of its staff. Creating environments that give your staff a voice, we empower them to engage with each other and with you, enabling you to ensure your workforce is fully aligned with your thinking.

Bring your brand alive

Your brand lives! It’s not a collection of flat, one-dimensional products or services. The interactive experiences we produce engage on a far deeper level of intensity than any other medium. Mobile or fixed, public or private, large-scale or intimate, the face to face encounters we devise are inspired by original thinking and get your audience up close and personal with your brand.

Spread the word

While there’s no substitute for experiencing an event live, for those staff or colleagues you can’t get your message to face to face, we can help with the challenge of communicating via alternative channels. Using routes like digital media, print and even micro-events, we can capture the essence of the live event itself and get it into all corners of your organisation. For real impact, we can utilise the enthusiasm of your staff, training them to on-present to their peers.

Inspire your team

The shared experiences we create build a sense of real unity and collective purpose between team colleagues. Whether they’re brought together to address a specific task or as a result of a merger or acquisition, we will tailor-make a unique experience to forge stronger relationships and bring about a better understanding between team members.

Develop your talent

Transforming an inspired creative concept into reality requires bringing together and managing a host of specialist skill sets. Technical production, logistics and project management are always at the core, but every event is different and demands a unique approach. We will blend these specialist skills together as well as using our experience in live performance to bring out the talent within your own organisation, and make it shine.

Experience It!

You won’t be surprised to hear that we live and breathe live experiences at Mongoose, and with years of experience working exclusively in the live medium, you’d quite rightly expect us to be masters of our craft. We are of course - and we can tell you until the cows come home – but the most powerful endorsement of our skills are the results we bring about for our clients who use us time after time to turn their messages into experiences.