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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has a bold vision: to create a culture that is rooted in superior customer service. Making that promise is relatively easy. Delivering it requires the complete commitment of everyone in the dealer network.

Mongoose worked closely with the Volkswagen management team and advertising agency to create an event that would win the hearts and minds of dealer principals and investors. The brief was to do something dramatically different from previous events and to bring the vision alive in a way that was both inspirational and credible. The result was a short, compelling story which vividly evoked what the relationship with Van Centres would look like for customers in the future. This was narrated by an external facilitator, while members of the management team explained the commercial benefits in a series of tightly structured interviews that punctuated the story. There was no PowerPoint in the entire event.

Dramatic reveals of cars are nothing new for motor industry audiences. At this event the audience saw many reveals - not of vans, but of key moments in the customer journey. Very positive audience feedback confirms that the message was delivered with great power.