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At Mongoose, we design, create, stage and produce brilliant live events that truly make an audience part of a brand experience.

Breathing life into messages, bringing brands alive and giving staff a voice, we get our clients closer to those they seek to engage with by generating energy, enthusiasm and emotion. Our expertise in experiential communication and live performance is rooted in our theatre lineage; it sets us apart, informs our creative approach and means the experiences we create focus on people first and technology second.

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Our brands

A diverse range of brands entrust us with bringing their communications to life. While they span very different business sectors that include financial services, travel, brewing and fashion accessories, they all share a common vision; to connect with their staff and customers and bring them closer to their brands through live experiences.

Having made 'Face to Face' an integral part of their communications strategy, Mongoose help brands develop new and exciting ways of engaging with their target audience in the knowledge they are assured of original creative thinking and flawless delivery every time.